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Veterinary HPM and Vet complex are highly palatable veterinary diets specifically formulated for cats specific life stages and suffering from health problems. Please use the following table to choose the most appropriate diet for your cat:


Veterinary HPM Baby pre neutered cat
– Use from weaning up to neutering or up to 12 months if not neutered
– Pregnant cats
– Lactating cats

Veterinary HPM Junior Neutered cat
– from neutering up to 12 months of age

Veterinary HPM Adult neutered cat
– Complete diet for adult neutered cats from one years old

Veterinary HPM Adult neutered and entire cat with salmon
– Complete diet for adult neutered and entire cats from one year old

Senior neutered cat
– Neutered cats over 10 years old

Calorie regulation cat
– Diabetes mellitus
– Hyperlipidaemia
– Chylothorax
– Obesiety

Urology cat
– Cystitis
– Lower urinary tract disease
– Oxalate urolithiasis (prevention)
– Struvite urolithiasis (prevention)

Digestive cat
Hepatic lipidosis (60-80 kcal/kg)
Digestive surgery
Small intestine bacteria overgrowth
Maldigestion malabsorption
Chronic inflammatory bowel disease
Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
General surgery
Orthapedic surgery of the pelvis

Renal cat
– Chronic cardiac insufficiency
– Chronic renal insufficiency
– Hepatic lipidosis (60-80 kcal/kg)
– Chronic hepatic insufficiency